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MPPE System Installed on North Sea Gas Platform

One of Akzo Nobel's process water treatment units has been installed at a gas platform in the North Sea.

Akzo Nobel MPP Systems® has delivered a new system to remove dissolved hydrocarbons from offshore produced water on the NAM K15A gas platform in the North Sea.

During the production of natural gas, formation and dehydration water is "co produced", cleaned and discharged into the sea. Although at present there are no legal limits for dissolved hydrocarbons, NAM is continuously striving to further improve its environmental performance.

As a result of this investment, the amount of dissolved hydrocarbons discharged from K15A has become negligible.

After evaluation of the best available technologies to treat this type of process water, along with extensive testing offshore, the Macro Porous Polymer Extraction Technology (MPPE) of Akzo Nobel was selected to help NAM achieve its ambitious environmental goal.

"The good cooperation with Akzo Nobel in this K15A MPPE project has resulted in the desired quality and delivery time," said Mr P. Bohte, project manager of NAM.

The unit has been delivered as an integral concept fit for purpose with an operational lifetime performance guarantee, services and remote control (telemetric connection to onshore).

MPP Systems, part of Akzo Nobel’s Pulp and Paper Chemicals business, Eka Chemcials, develops and markets separation technologies for water streams.

The MPPE system is a patented technology using Macro Porous Polymers filled with an extraction medium to remove aliphatics, aromatics, chlorinated and polyaromatic hydrocarbons from process waste and groundwater.

Units have been installed on and offshore in the USA, Germany, France and the Netherlands, all with an operational lifetime performance guarantee and remote control.

(Released: March 18, 2003)

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