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New report promotes circular economy

AkzoNobel features strongly in a new report about the benefits of the circular economy which has been published by the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition (DSGC)

Launched at the DSGC's annual meeting held today in Amsterdam, the report highlights how the Netherlands has the potential to become "the circular hotspot of Europe".

Featuring input from the CEOs of all member companies – including our own Ton Büchner – the publication goes on to explain how the transition to a circular economy will help provide answers to important challenges, such as access to raw materials, climate change and food security.

"We hope that this report will inspire other companies to embark on the journey towards a circular economy," said a DSGC spokesman. "The economic and ecological added value will not only ensure the continuity of our business, but will also create a leading international position for the Netherlands and Dutch businesses."

Several case studies highlight examples of best practice being carried out by the member companies, including AkzoNobel's paint recycling scheme in the UK. The company's Ferrazone product – which is used to fortify staple foods in order to combat iron deficiency – is also featured.

The overall conclusion that the report draws is that circularity should be part of any business strategy.


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