media release

New Year New SBU For Eka Chemicals

Akzo Nobel’s Eka Chemicals business is about to undergo a slight change in its organization.

January 1, a new Sub Business Unit (SBU), Specialty Products, will begin formal operation, headed by Tommy Öhlin, a 26-year veteran of Eka Chemicals and its worldwide activities.

new SBU is a mix of subsidiaries and units which have previously been working within other teams or belonged to other divisions.

will be approximately SEK 1.3 billion (EUR 150 million) and approximately 500 people will be employed, with the SBU being made up of 12 different units, including Resins, Separation Products, Water Treatment and Fine Chemicals.

management will be located at Bohus in Sweden, but each of the 12 units will carry on operating as normal, using their present identities on the market.

(Released: December 15, 2000)