The Ocean Cleanup

We are making the world a better place

The complete removal of trash from the world’s oceans has moved a step closer after AkzoNobel joined forces with The Ocean Cleanup to help turn the tide on marine pollution.

Our values are very similar to those of The Ocean Cleanup and we both thrive for a more sustainable future. We have mutual concerns regarding the health of the world’s oceans, so it is only natural that we have offered our solutions for tackling the one of the biggest challenges on the Earth.

Check out how we help to clean the oceans:


Experts estimate that about eight million tons of plastic waste enters the ocean every year. With traditional methods it would take 79,000 years to clean the ocean! With innovative technology and Boyan Slat’s drive and ambition, The Ocean Cleanup aims to start extracting plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch within the next 12 months. Needless to say, the innovative technology developed by The Ocean Cleanup will speed things up. A full-scale deployment of The Ocean Cleanup systems is estimated to clean up 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in five years.

Making shipping more sustainable

Our marine coating solutions from our award-winning Intersleek product range will be provided to The Ocean Cleanup for the floating devices used to clean the oceans for the next five years.

The most high profile use of our coatings will be on the specially designed floating clean-up system which will collect the ocean waste. This biocide-free Intersleek range is already being used to help make the shipping industry more sustainable by reducing fuel consumption, cutting emissions and lowering the costs of operation. Now the very same Intersleek range will be put into action around the world’s oceans when the cleaning of the history’s biggest clean up begins.

We have a history of pioneering sustainable and innovative coatings in the marine industry. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and therefore we are passionate about making shipping more sustainable and constantly looking into technologies and solutions that could support this goal.

For decades, our team of chemical engineers, material scientists, biologists, hydrodynamic experts, physicists and digital innovation specialists have been working on projects like biomimicry, drone technology, robotics, intelligent sensors and big data applications. This is the only way forward in shipping.

With that belief as our compass, we have developed a number of initiatives to limit environmental impact across the entire industry and to drive efficiencies for our customers, enabling them to do more with less.

In short – AkzoNobel is committed to undertake tangible actions towards lowering carbon emissions of the world’s shipping fleets, reducing emissions of biocides, and removing plastics from the world’s oceans as a part of our landmark initiative called sustainable shipping.

Ocean pollution is a serious global issue impacting our society and our planet’s future. As a world leader in the marine coatings industry, we believe we can make a meaningful contribution to overcoming the problem by taking action and supporting the fantastic work being done by The Ocean Cleanup.

~ AkzoNobel CEO Ton Büchner

Ton Büchner

Working together with a true global force in sustainable coatings technology will ensure that our systems remain protected, even under the most extreme conditions. Another benefit of the partnership is team AkzoNobel’s involvement in the Volvo Ocean Race, which will help increase global awareness of the urgent need to remove plastic from our aquatic ecosystems.

~Boyan Slat, CEO and founder of The Ocean Cleanup
Boyan Slat

What is Intersleek®, the biocide-free marine coatings?

For 135 years, AkzoNobel’s marine brand International® has been leading in the area of sustainability and innovation. Our long standing goal lies in bringing peace of mind to ship owners by protecting their assets, minimizing their total operating cost through sustainable solutions.

Intersleek, part of the comprehensive International product range and launched in 1996, is the industry’s first biocide-free foul-release technology. Twenty-one years later, it now has more than 5,500 applications, has helped save over $3 billion in fuel costs and 32 million tons of CO2.

Ship owners and operators using Intersleek are eligible for the carbon credits program that enables them to turn their carbon emission reductions into cash. The key benefits of this technology include fuel and emissions savings of up to 9% and an opportunity to take part in the first and only carbon credit system in the world that financially rewards the shipping industry for generating less CO2 emissions.

Intersleek is biocide-free, which results in no leaching of biocides into the sea. This offers cost advantages at the next dry-docking on waste treatment and disposal, plus enhanced environmental profile.

It is critical for The Ocean Cleanup to use an eco-friendly, biocide-free fouling control technology for their vessels and equipment. After extensive testing Intersleek met the requirements with flying colors and was chosen as the preferred product to protect the cleaning devices of The Ocean Cleanup. As a result, we will be supplying coatings for all their floating divides for the next five years.

~ Oscar Wezenbeek, Managing Director of AkzoNobel Marine Coatings