What is sustainable shipping?

AkzoNobel has a long history of being a pioneer in the supply of sustainable and innovative coatings for the marine industry.

For decades, our chemical engineers, material scientists, biologists, hydrodynamic experts, physicists and – more recently – our digital innovation specialists, have been working on projects such as biomimicry, drone technology, robotics, intelligent sensors and big data applications.

The future of shipping: Cool and sustainable

The global shipping industry is currently experiencing exciting and long-overdue tectonic shifts that will change it forever – and AkzoNobel is one of the companies leading this revolution.

Sustainable shipping is good for the environment and good for business. What gives companies a competitive edge now will become the standard going forward – imagine a shipping industry that simply is sustainable. 

Reducing the environmental impact of shipping and increasing the share of sustainable products is not just our responsibility. We work closely with other key industry players, such as our recent agreement with Maersk, which involves creating transparency on sustainable best practices in the supply chain and reducing carbon emissions. We have also partnered with the Volvo Ocean Race and The Ocean Cleanup to develop programs that will drive sustainability.

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Carbon credits program:  A marine industry first


For 135 years, AkzoNobel’s International marine brand  has been leading in the area of sustainability and innovation. Intersleek – launched in 1996 and part of the comprehensive International product range – was the industry’s first biocide-free foul release technology. Twenty-one years later, it has accumulated more than 5,500 applications and helped save more than $3 billion.

Through our Intersleek range, we have also launched the first and only carbon credit system which financially rewards the shipping industry for generating less CO2 emissions

AkzoNobel worked with The Gold Standard Foundation to develop the program, which enables ship owners to turn their carbon emission reductions into cash.

The scheme is a great example of our Planet Possible sustainability agenda, our commitment to doing more with less and finding innovative ways to create more value from fewer resources.

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