Frequently asked questions

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Q. Where is the company listed?

A. AkzoNobel’s common shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam . The ticker symbol is AKZA.

Q. When is the next earnings release?

A. The full year and fourth quarter 2017 results will be released on March 8, 2018. Click  Here  for more information and other upcoming events.

Q. I would like a copy of the Annual Report. Who should I contact?

A. You can visit the Report website or download the PDF. If you still require a hard copy version, Contact us

Q. I would like to sell some of my shares in AkzoNobel. How do I do this?

A. We advise you to contact your bank or a broker.

Q. You have announced a special dividend. How will this be paid?

A.  The Board of Management of Akzo Nobel N.V. announces a special cash dividend of EUR 4.00 per ordinary share with a nominal value of EUR 2.00 each.  The distribution will be payable wholly in cash and will be paid through deduction of 15% Dutch dividend withholding tax.
The following timetable applies: 
4 December 2017:  Ex-dividend date of special cash dividend
5 December 2017:  Record date of special cash dividend 
7 December 2017:  Payment of special cash dividend  

Q. You have announced a EUR 2.50 for 2017. How will this be paid?

A. This amount will be allocated in approximately the same ratio as historically between the interim dividend (paid in the current calendar year) and the final dividend (paid in the next calendar year). The Interim dividend is EUR 0.56 per share. For further details see dividends section.

Q. I have joined the optional stock dividend program. How many shares will I receive concerning the interim dividend 2017?

A.The formula used for calculating the number of Shares to be received by a Participating Shareholder for each dividend declared will be: Number of shares held at dividend record date / exchange ratio.
The exchange ratio is calculated using the volume weighted average price between 9 November 2017 and including 15 November 2017 divided by the gross dividend amount per share. No additional premium is considered for a stock dividend.

If more than 40% of the total dividend is requested by the shareholders to be paid out in shares, those shareholders who have chosen to receive their dividend in shares will receive their stock dividend on a pro rata basis, the remainder being paid out in cash after deducting the above mentioned 15% Dutch dividend withholding tax.

No fractional entitlements will be issued to persons, but settled for cash. In general, banks or financial institutes will round down fractional entitlements (and remit cash in lieu of fractional entitlements) or round up fractional entitlements (subject to receipt of the requisite funds from the clients), in each case in accordance with the custodial arrangements banks or financial institutions are having with you.