Project of the Month

November 2016

Teaching young minds to protect our world
Inspiring today’s children to care for their environment and its resources is an important step in ensuring they will go on to protect our planet.

October 2016

Making a difference today for a brighter tomorrow
When you know people’s lives and futures will be better as a direct result of your actions,it is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

September 2016

Friendship, fun and better surroundings for the elderly
Retirement is seen as a time to rest and enjoy the rewards of a busy working life, but for many elderly people it can be lonely and lacking in friendship.

July & August 2016

Transforming sanitary conditions at Los Elotes School
The school educates children of all ages at kindergarten, elementary and junior high school levels. Situated in an isolated village, it can only be reached by a dusty, unpaved dirt road.

June 2016

A safer, brighter place for disabled scouts
When an initiative offers support to their neighbors, it adds an extra feeling of satisfaction to colleagues involved in community projects.

May 2016

Ulisses Victor Gervásio School: a school to be proud of for Mauá’s children
Located on a dead-end street in a deprived neighborhood, the Ulisses Victor Gervásio School is the only one in the city of Mauá, in Brazil’s São Paulo district, that offers full-time education and serves more than one meal a day.

April 2016

'Little Dragon' provides better life for prisoners’ children
‘Tianjin Sun Village’ is the temporary home for many young Chinese children whose parents are staying in prison in Tianjin.

April 2013

American Legion Post 416 renovated: a tribute to US veterans
'Mission Completed' must have been the thought of our 60 volunteering colleagues from Marine & Protective Coatings in Houston when they finished a major renovation job for the American Legion Post 416.

March 2013

Bringing light to the girls of Hogar de la Luz
The Hogar de la Luz Foundation in Calí, Colombia provides approximately sixty abused girls between eight and eighteen years old with a safe home and an opportunity to receive a proper education.