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About Us

Transfilling of High Purity Metalorganics

AkzoNobel High Purity Metalorganics (HPMO), part of AkzoNobel Polymer Chemistry, was created in 2000 in order to better serve the semiconductor industry. This allows us to focus on the specific needs of this market while leveraging Polymer Chemicals’ global distribution and service networks, manufacturing expertise, global R&D, and expertise in safe handling of metalorganics. As such, we excel in safety, quality, consistency and innovation.

Our products are used in a huge range of industrial and consumer products. These include lasers, solar cells, LED's and mobile phones. 

We focus on the production of high purity MO-sources based on indium, gallium, aluminum, zinc and magnesium.

Our dedicated global technical marketing and sales team, comprised of mainly scientists and engineers with experience in both the chemical and semiconductor industry is available to meet your needs!


We are committed to the safe handling and use of our metalorganic products. AkzoNobel is recognized as a global leader in metal alkyl safety. Our proven success in safely handling metal alkyls and other metalorganic specialties is due to our long-term commitment to safety. We always place safety as our top priority.

Quality and Consistency

We are the only fully integrated high purity metalorganics supplier serving the semiconductor industry. We manufacture most of our raw materials in-house, and therefore are able to tightly control their quality. Our vast know-how on industrial scale metal alkyls production allows us to produce high purity metalorganics at a relatively large scale.

We use leading edge processes, purification, and transfilling techniques that ensure the repeatable and consistent delivery of the highest purity metalorganics in every cylinder that we supply.


We are constantly working to address our customers future needs. We look ahead and help our customers find answers to questions that they will face tomorrow. As a company of innovation we have a stream of new, high-value products and technologies.