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Our main HPMO manufacturing facility is located in La Porte, TX-USA. This plant produces thousands of tons of metal alkyls, including aluminum, magnesium, boron and zinc alkyls which are used in the plastics and pharmaceutical industries. As such, AkzoNobel HPMO is vertically integrated in trimethylaluminum (TMAl). This process grade TMAl is then purified in order to be used as a raw material in the production of most of our group III products.

The plant has state-of-the-art chemical analysis equipment such as ICP-AES for trace metal analysis and NMR for oxygen analysis. Our transfilling methods for liquid MO-sources are MOCVD compatible. This ensures that the purity of each manufactured batch is preserved as it is transfilled into smaller cylinders that are then shipped to and used by our customers.

We have recently expanded our product offerings with a new grade of diethylzinc marketed under the name DEZn TCO. The product is available in large volumes for use in the deposition of the transparent conductive oxide layer in thin film solar cells.


Our global distribution network allows us to deliver products to you anywhere in the world, and includes regional stockpoints on the US West coast, the Netherlands, Germany, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. That's how we ensure security of supply and easy access to quality products wherever you are.

Research, Development & Innovation

Safety and technical support is mainly provided from our laboratories in Deventer, the Netherlands, and La Porte. Deventer is the site of AkzoNobel's fundamental metal alkyl Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I). Our Safety Research laboratory in Deventer is heavily involved in RD&I, ensuring the development of safe products and processes.

All our sites are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified to ensure the highest product quality and strict compliance with environmental regulations. Additionally, La Porte is an OSHA VPP Star site and has achieved RC 14001 certification as well.