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Research, Development & Innovation

We act in the present but think about the future

Heat Exchanger

We are constantly working to address our customers future needs. We look ahead and help our customers find sustainable answers to questions that they will face tomorrow.

Developing innovative new products and technologies for our customers is a key part of our operations. Our researchers are based in dedicated customer-facing business teams. They perform research, product and process development and technical support in order to translate market needs into new products. 

Innovation does not stop with our chemicals. We also offer innovative services such as:

  • In-depth customer support with epitaxy specialists
  • Support on the safe handling and use of our products 
  • Innovative tool offerings such as heat exchangers for large bubblers or our specialized solid source TMIn cylinder, the Hiperloop and Hiperquad family.

Marketed under the name DEZn TCO we also sell a grade of diethyl zinc specifically developed to serve the needs of the solar cell industry. DEZn TCO is a Zn precursor for the deposition of a ZnO TCO (transparent conductive oxide) layer in thin film solar cells.

Safety research

At AkzoNobel, we always place safety as our top priority. We are recognized as a global leader in metal alkyl safety. Our Safety Research Laboratory in Deventer, the Netherlands, is heavily involved in Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I), ensuring the development of safe products and processes. Studies are carried out in order to ensure a high level of safety in manufacturing, handling and transport of dangerous substances.