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Health, Safety, Environment & Security

It’s our responsibility to look after our people and the planet

Yes, we want to help our customers make their business a success. But our number one priority is the health, safety and security of our people. Not to forget our responsibility for protecting and safeguarding the environment in which we operate.

At AkzoNobel, we have values which make us responsible for:

  • Protecting the health and safety of our employees, our contractors, our customers and our neighbors
  • Maintaining the security of our people and assets and
  • Protecting the environment.

We actively support the guiding principles of the International Business Chamber of Commerce's "Business Charter for Sustainable Development"and have signed the Global Responsible Care® Charter.

In addition to compliance with laws and regulatory requirements, we pursue the following objectives in close cooperation with our customers, suppliers and distributors:

  • Ensure that all activities are conducted in a manner which is consistent with our Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSE&S) Directives and Standards
  • Ensure that business activities are conducted to prevent harm to our customers, employees, contractors, the public, other stakeholders and the environment
  • Develop, manufacture and market our products with full regard for HSE&S aspects, ensuring compliance with our Product Stewardship Management system, and sell only those products that can be transported, stored, used and disposed of safely
  • Protect people, assets, intellectual property and critical information from accidental or deliberate harm, damage or loss
  • Openly communicate on the nature of our activities, encourage dialogue and report progress on our health, safety and environmental performance.

To achieve this we:

  • Set challenging targets and measure progress to ensure continuous improvement in HSE&S performance
  • Provide safe and healthy workplaces for our employees and contractors
  • Provide information, instruction and training to enable employees to meet their responsibility to contribute to compliance with the our HSE&S policy
  • Provide appropriate HSE&S information for all contractors, customers and others who work for us, handle our products or operate our technologies
  • Protect the environment by preventing or minimizing the environmental impact due to our activities and products through appropriate design, manufacturing, distribution and by promoting responsible use and disposal practices.
  • Develop products and processes that help preserve resources and the environment
  • Implement management practices to enhance security throughout the industry value chain.