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Cylinder Offerings

Advantages of AkzoNobel HPMO cylinders

  • Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in industrial semiconductor manufacturing technologies
  • Semiconductor industry compatible cleaning, regeneration and handling
  • Interior surface is electro-polished Constant and consistent wall thickness which leads to defined thermal transfer
  • Optional purging valve configurations
  • Variety of cylinder sizes with a range of volumes from 150 ml to 20 l

Cylinder options

Crossover Valve - provides a third valve between the inlet and outlet valves which can be useful during purging

Polarized VCR Fittings - provides added safety by ensuring that the cylinder is installed correctly

Thermowell - the fill port of any cylinder can be fitted with a thermowell adapter for accurate measurement of liquid or vapor temperature

Level Sensor - the fill port can be fitted with an ultrasonic level detection sensor to detect the amount of liquid source material remaining in the cylinder

Sure Grip Handles - provides added safety when handling larger, heavier cylinders