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Hiperloop and Hiperquad

For uniform TMIn delivery

Hiperloop Hiperquad

Innovation does not stop with our chemicals. We also show strong commitment to equipment innovations which support our high purity metalorganics as well as the needs of the semiconductor industry.

For example the High Performance TMIn Loop Bubbler concept. The design of both the Hiperloop and Hiperquad were based on this concept, and as such, consistently deliver stable trimethylindium (TMIn) flows from solid TMIn with 92-98% source consumption over a wide range of operational parameters. This performance has been demonstrated for flow rates of 300 to 1000 sccm at pressures around 200 Torr and 800 Torr.

Based on these performance tests, the Hiperloop and Hiperquad eliminate the limitations of solid TMIn delivery, which are typically poor source stability, poor gas saturation, and poor source consumption at high flow rates.

Moreover, the Hiperloop and Hiperquad do not require any extra connections or fittings when compared with conventional bubblers. For proper operation of both the Hiperloop and Hiperquad, please ensure that the water bath liquid level is filled past the specified solid TMIn fill height (just below the fill port level) which is required for uniform delivery of TMIn.

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