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Level Sensor

Level Sensor

The use of level sensing has allowed cylinder changes to be accurately predicted and has enabled greater streamlining of production processes. Level sensors are particularly important for larger cylinders
(>1 l) and for liquid dopant sources. Therefore, having a level sensor can reduce the risk of depleting the source material during a growth run. 

As such, we now offer level sensing for our liquid sources. Level Sensors can be accommodated on any cylinder that has a volume greater than or equal to 600 ml. The most common AkzoNobel Level Sensors in use are on our 600 ml, 1 l, 3 l, and 8 l bubblers.

Quick facts:

  • The Level Sensor has external electronic indicators so that the level can be viewed from outside of the gas cabinet
  • It is available in a 3 LED or in a 5 LED configuration to obtain more detailed information on the level of the liquid chemical
  • The electronics are supplied with an AC power adapter suitable for 120 V power supplies
  • Optional, 24 V DC power connection for hard wired power
  • Optional, 15-pin connector available for computer interface and power connections

Since the Level Sensor uses ultrasonic detection, there is no calibration required. Although the exact amount of material remaining in the bubbler at each detection level will vary with bubbler design, fill weight, and source material the approximate level indications are shown in picture on the right.