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Diethylzinc - DEZn

We offer our high purity diethylzinc (CAS#  557-20-0) precursor in the grade you will require for your application:

  • DEZn TCO – An affordable grade for transparent conductive oxide layers
  • DEZn SSG – A highest purity Select Semiconductor Grade

AkzoNobel offers the highest purity diethylzinc precursor under the product name of DEZn SSG (Select Semiconductor Grade). DEZn SSG is a zinc precursor for the deposition of compound semiconductors. Compound semiconductors are used in applications such as light emitting diodes and high efficiency solar cells.

Containers are fabricated from stainless steel with an electropolished internal finish and are equipped with dip tube for top discharge and diaphragm valves. The diaphragm valves are equipped with metal gasket face seal connections.

Product Data Sheet - DEZn SSG

Our DEZn TCO product grade is specifically developed to serve the needs of the solar cell and display industry. DEZn TCO is used to create the TCO (transparent conductive oxide) layer in thin film solar cells and other thin film processes.

Product Data Sheet - DEZn TCO

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