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Cylinder Handling

HPMO Cylinder

Receive Cylinder

  • Inspect metal drum upon arrival; if there are any signs of damage during transport please notify shipping company and AkzoNobel immediately
  • Consider wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when opening drums
  • Store metal drums and inner packaging for return shipment

Cylinder Inspection

  • Inspect for any signs of physical damage (i.e. bent valves/lines, etc.)
  • Inspect for any signs of leakage (i.e. white powder around VCR connections, etc.)
  • Inspect cylinder labels (i.e. product name, weight, etc.)

Disconnecting/Connecting cylinders

  • Consider removing¬† bath cooling liquid before disconnecting/connecting cylinders
  • Purge MO lines before disconnecting a cylinder
  • Install VCR end caps on vent and diptube valves immediately after disconnecting the cylinder
  • Ensure lines are leak tight before connecting a new cylinder
  • Use leak testing to confirm a good connection is made to the cylinder

 Return Cylinder

  • Place used cylinder in correct metal drum
  • Check for correct product and transport labeling
  • Return used cylinder to AkzoNobel using the cylinder return procedure and form