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Carbon Tetrachloride

Product Description
Carbon Tetrachloride is a colourless, neutral liquid, heavier than water and of characteristic sweetish odour. It is completely miscible with almost any solvents but only sparingly with water and shows smooth solvency power to most organic chemicals and materials. Carbon Tetrachloride is non-inflammable and its vapours form no explosive mixtures with air.

Due to its ozone depleting properties in the stratospheric atmosphere the use of Carbon Tetrachloride is restricted by European and international regulations as a raw material in chemicals synthesis or as special solvent in industry or in laboratories only.
Not for distribution to private customers!

In practice:
Carbon tetrachloride is only used as raw material for chemicals synthesis for fibres, refrigerants, agro-chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and as solvent for special industrial synthesis of chemicals and extraction purposes as well as in laboratory use.