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Caustic Soda Microprills

Product Description
Caustic Soda Microprills are solid small fused white pearls, color- and odorless and very hygroscopic. It is very soluble in water and dissolves very rapidly to caustic soda solution liberating a lot of heat; in methanol and ethanol it is well soluble. Caustic Soda Microprills and caustic soda solutions thereof are very corrosive to many materials and have to be handled with great care.

Caustic Soda Microprills offer significant advantages to conventional granules or flakes:
• Excellent free flowing properties
• Low tendency to stick and agglomerate
• Distinguished for air lifting
• Highly resistant to abrasion
• Minimal dust formation
• Well suited for transportation in road tankers, containers and big bags
• Excellently storable in silo installations
• Precise dosage
• Rapidly dissolving in water, methanol and ethanol

Caustic Soda Microprills meet the chemical purity specifications of:
• Commission Regulation (EU) No. 231/2012 on food additives;
• European standard for drinking water treatment EN 896:2012, type 2;

• European Pharmacopoeia 8.6, 2016; 
• Food Chemicals Codex (FCC), 9th edition.

In practice
Caustic Soda and Caustic Soda Microprills are used in many different applications, mainly as basic auxiliary in chemical industry, for the production of aluminum, pulp and paper, surfactants like soaps, detergents, and washing powder, and as catalyst for the production of biodiesel. Other applications are as cleaning and disinfection agent, manufacturing of cellulose and refining of rayon fibers, metal and wood cleaning, regeneration of ion-exchange resins, production of food and beverages and treatment of drinking water, industrial water, sewage and waste air cleaning.