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Demeon® D (Dimethyl ether)

Industrial Chemicals

Demeon® D or Dimethyl ether

Demeon® D is also known as Dimethyl ether, DME, methyl ether, methyl oxide, dimethyl oxide, DMO, wood ether, and methoxy methane.

Demeon® D is our trade name for Dimethyl ether (DME). DME is widely used as an eco-friendly propellant for aerosol products. DME offers unique advantages such as solvency power and water miscibility.

AkzoNobel has been active in the DME business since 1964 (propellant for aerosol products), and as a producer of DME since 1990. The plant located in Europoort, near Rotterdam in the Netherlands, is equipped to render a production capacity of 45,000 mt/annum.

We deliver DME in bulk, in dedicated 30-ft tank containers - specially designed in Duplex steel for optimal intermodal use - and in 20-ft ISO containers for export purposes.


Use of Demeon® D

Based on the flexibility in use the product advantages offer, DME is an appreciated propellant in many aerosol products for pharmaceuticals (i.e. wart remover), personal care (i.e. hairsprays), home care (i.e. air fresheners) and technical applications (i.e. PU foam). It is used in several other ways such as: refrigerant, (co-)blowing agent for insulation panels, solvent, extraction agent, chemical reaction medium, fuel for welding, cutting and brazing, and multi-purpose fuel (power generation, heating, transportation). It can also be used pure and in mixtures with other products.


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