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Image Ecosel® Additives 2

Additives to salt and brine

AkzoNobel is developing and marketing a range of innovative additives, which can be applied to salt, brine or to the salt production process, adding value for our customers in terms of product performance or process enhancement under the trade name Ecosel®.

The first commercially available product under the Ecosel® trade name is Ecosel®BioCare, an eco-friendly anti-caking agent for de-icing salt. Click here for more information.

The second Ecosel® product is Ecosel®AsphaltProtection, an additive to de-icing brine that reduces the development of frost damage to asphalt. Click here for more information.

Both products fit in the concept of Planet Possible, AkzoNobel’s commitment to doing more with less.

As our Ecosel® family of additive products will grow, we will keep you informed of new developments on this website.