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Iron chloride (FeCl2 / FeCl3)

Iron chloride is produced from chlorine; either virgin chlorine or chlorine from hydrochloric acid; and iron.
AkzoNobel supplies both ferrous chloride (FeCl2) and ferric chloride (FeCl3).
Our iron chloride finds its way in several applications such as waste water treatment, drinking water production, cosmetics and even in pharmaceutical products such as medicines.

Waste Water Treatment
• Removal of phosphate
• Flocculation in sewage works
• Elimination of hydrogen sulfide from digested sludge
• Conditioning of sewage sludge
• Detoxification of chromate during conditioning of industrial waste water
• Decolorizing of waste water from textile industry

Drinking Water Production
• Removal of suspended solids
• Conditioning of filter backwash water

Industrial Applications
• Ingredient in products for crop protection
• Raw material in pigments; cosmetics and paints
• Raw material for medicine to treat for instance anemia

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