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Product range and modes of supply

MCA is produced by reacting acetic acid with chlorine. We supply pure MCA in the molten state and as flakes, but also dissolved in water and ethanol.

SMCA, the MCA-based salt, is available as granules and powder. The granules have better flowing characteristics and reduced caking behavior, making them easier to use.
The solid products are packed in 25-kg bags or FIBCs (big bags). Liquids are transported only in bulk. We supply MCA and SMCA by rail, road and sea. 

More information is available via the items in the navigation on the right. There you can find information on our safety brochure, product specification sheets, safety data sheets and our technical leaflets.  Alternatively you can also contact your local AkzoNobel sales office or agent (see sites) or contact our MCA marketing group in Amersfoort directly:

Or please feel free to fill in the contact form for MCA.

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