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As the chlorine atom in MCA is very reactive, MCA has increasingly found application as an intermediate in the preparation of a great variety of chemicals.

Our customers use MCA or SMCA amongst others to produce:
• thickening agents (e.g. via CMC) for the food, oil, mining, personal care and detergent industries;
• agrochemicals (e.g. via phenoxyacetic acids/dimethoate/CAC);
• thermo stabilizers for PVC (via thioglycolates);
• adhesives (e.g. via. CMC/CMS/cyanoacetic ester);
• surfactants (e.g. via betaines/imidazolines/ethercarboxylic acids);
• pharmaceuticals (e.g. via CAC/ phenoxyacetic acid/glycine);
• cosmetics (e.g. via thioglycolates).