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Emergency Response

As AkzoNobel we are very committed to safety with MCA & SMCA. In case you require assistance concerning an incident (disposal, spillage, leakage, fire, etc.) involving MCA or SMCA, please do not hesitate to call one of our emergency centers which are available 24 hours/day:

For People's Republic of China

Located at China National Registration Center for Chemicals (NRCC), Qingdao China
PHONE + 86 532 8388 9090  

For USA/Canada region

Medical / handling emergency:
PHONE + 1 914 693 6946
Transportation emergency Chemtrec USA:
PHONE + 1 800 424 9300

For Europe and rest of the world (not United States/Canada and China)
Located at NCEC, United Kingdom:
PHONE + 31 570 67 9211