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We are the world’s largest producer of monochloroacetic acid (MCA) and sodium monochloroacetate (SMCA) with production sites around the world. We have 3 production sites in Europe and Asia and a dissolving station in the USA, which enables us to serve customers globally.

MCA contact for the USA

Vision for the USA
To be recognized as the true leader in reliability, logistics and "safety with MCA".

Products in the USA
MCA Flakes
MCA 80% solution
MCA 70% solution

The relevant Safety Data Sheets are available upon request. Please feel free to contact us via mail: or contact our sales office at the address mentioned above.

  For Specifications of these products, please go to our Specifications page.

Sites in the USA
Denver CO (Sales office) 
Axis AL (Le Moyne MCA plant) 
Charlotte NC (Warehouse)
Edison NJ (Warehouse)
Hammond IN (Warehouse)
Houston TX (Warehouse)

Emergency Response Number USA/Canada
Medical / handling emergency:
Tel. +1-(914)- 693-6946
Transportation emergency Chemtrec USA:
Tel. +1-(800)-424-9300