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AkzoNobel is one of the world’s leading salt specialists. We have almost a century’s experience and manufacture high-quality de-icing products, chemical transformation salt and salt specialties.

AkzoNobel road salt and brine are produced and supplied by the Industrial Chemicals business unit. This business unit manufactures products that play an important role in the chemical industry. Our products can be found in many everyday items.

For more information take a look at the AkzoNobel Roadsalt website.

When every salt crystal counts!

As a leading supplier of road salt and brine AkzoNobel helps its customers to ensure that road users get home safely. Our salt provides the optimum combination of high quality, effectiveness, low costs and guaranteed availability. The purity of AkzoNobel salt guarantees a fast and effective spreading action … and does not leave any impurities behind on the road surface.

Our slogan “when every salt crystal counts” bridges the gap between our customers’ requirements regarding a safe, efficient product and AkzoNobel road salt.

AkzoNobel’s geographic scope covers mainly The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Germany. But we are also willing to supply products and services to other areas on request.