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AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals

Our Salt production facilities are located in Delfzijl, Hengelo (The Netherlands) and Mariager (Denmark). The production of salt is based on vacuum salt technology.  
The main raw materials are raw brine and energy (steam and electricity). Raw brine is produced by solution mining in multi-effect evaporation plants. AkzoNobel has an annual production of about 6 million tons of salt, of which our plants in the Netherlands have a capacity of more than 5 million tons. Our Dutch plants in Hengelo and Delfzijl are the largest vacuum salt plants in the world. The third salt production plant is located in Mariager, Denmark.

Electrolysis salt... building block for basic chemicals
The purity of our salt makes it perfectly suited for the electrolytic production of chlorine, caustic lye and sodium chlorate, and minimizes the contaminants introduced into the process. Having AkzoNobel as their supplier helps our internal customers cut operational and environmental costs, while ensuring reliable and efficient operations with techniques such as mercury, diaphragm and membrane electrolysis.

Ecosel®mTA salt for electrolysis
Membrane electrolysis will particularly benefit from a development of our R&D department: Ecosel®mTA salt. It's industrial salt with an eco-efficient anti-caking agent that could save up to 5% of a chlorine production plant's total energy consumption. Read more ...

Road Salt... bringing people home safely...
As a leading supplier to road-maintenance authorities, we help our customers bring their 'end-users' home safely. Our high-quality salt provides the optimal combination of de-icing effectiveness, low costs and guaranteed availability. The purity of AkzoNobel de-icing salt ensures fast and effective performance... and leaves fewer impurities behind on the road surface. Our de-icing salt is delivered in bulk and as a salt specialist, of course, we also provide our customers with products and advice for the effective de-icing of today's special drain asphalt.
Visit our road salt product websites if you are interested in our road salt products. Go to the website in the language of your choice: English, Dutch, German or Danish.  

Ecosel®BioCare salt for de-icing
Next to “standard” road salt, AkzoNobel now also offers Ecosel®BioCare salt: combining the benefits of high purity fine vacuum salt with a cyanide-free, fully biodegradable anti-caking agent.

Ecosel®BioCare anti-caking agent for de-icing salt  
Our cyanide-free anti-caking agent for de-icing salt is now also available throughout Europe and North America as a liquid solution, ready to apply. For more information on Ecosel®BioCare anti-caking agent for de-icing read the Ecosel® page.