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AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals

All AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals products are in compliance with the REACH regulation. All substances in our products have been registered* before the registration deadline of November 30, 2010. These registrations include all known major applications of our products.

*Salt and Hydrogen are exempted from registration

The completion of the registrations is the impressive result of a joint effort of AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals and the REACH consortia in which it participates.

AkzoNobel Industrial Chemical's Supply of Safety Data Sheets in accordance with REACH
We have developed extended Safety Data Sheets (e-SDS) for our products and distributed these to our customers. 
The e-SDS contains all information regarding the safe use of our products. Also information on registration numbers, Classification and Labelling, and (if present) Substances of Very High Concern is included in the e-SDS.
As soon as e-SDS of our products are updated we will actively inform our customers. We urge you to verify that your use is covered by our e-SDS. We support all known major applications, but we will not be liable if we do not register all your uses unless explicitly confirmed by us in writing.

Trusted REACH partner – leader in its practice
Industrial Chemicals is one of the business units of AkzoNobel. As one of the sustainability leaders in the chemical industry, we are well placed to support our customers, and our aim is clear – we strive to be recognized as a trusted REACH partner and leader in its practice.
Our dedicated REACH experts maintain the high quality level of information of the safe use of our products and offer support to answer questions you may have.

Improved Product Stewardship
In the past it has not always been possible to obtain information on how chemicals are used downstream. The REACH regulation means there is a strong incentive for information to be made available – which in turn allows AkzoNobel to improve its product stewardship.

If you have any questions about REACH, please contact your regular (technical) sales contact at Industrial Chemicals, who will help you with your query.

Our product list can be accessed here.