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How can a big, global organization make a difference to a small, local community?

AkzoNobel may be a huge organization – but it´s still very much a community of people. And many of them want to do more to make a difference to the world around us. That’s why we started the AkzoNobel Community Program: to encourage employees to get involved in the local community, and to provide them with the tools to make a difference.   

We’re as committed to the communities in which we operate as we are to our customers, stakeholders and employees. The Community Program offers our employees the opportunity to contribute to communities all around the world. The work they do is on a voluntary basis, supporting projects in the area where they live. The company provides the funds and expertise. They provide the manpower. The projects can vary from giving a school a new lick of paint, building a new science lab at a primary school, to restoring salt drilling towers as a bird sanctuary.