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Health and Safety

What can we do to protect our employees?

We want our people to go home to their families safe and sound after a day´s work. This is only possible if safety is uppermost in our minds because we believe zero accidents is not a pipe dream, but a feasible reality. How do we plan to achieve this? To begin with, we operate Behavior Based Safety (BBS) programs at all our sites. The rationale behind this is very simple. Research has shown that more than 70% of all accidents are connected to human behavior in one way or another. By changing attitudes and behaviors and constantly encouraging our employees to think proactively about their role in the workplace we can achieve a world class safety performance. We want to create a culture in which employees take responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues by identifying and structurally avoiding high risk behavior. Now running for the last few years, the BBS programs have demonstrated their worth with a gradual improvement in safety performance.   

Like any other successful company, we rely on the commitment and dedication of our employees and their well being. It is everyone´s interests that our employees are healthy and happy in their work. We make strenuous efforts to ensure all our employees thrive in the workplace by providing practical help such as fitness programs, free flu vaccinations, and a healthy and ergonomically designed workplace. We also work ceaselessly to identify the root causes for absenteeism and to seek structural solutions.