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Our Company

Here, we introduce Akzo Nobel India to you in a variety of ways. You pick the definition you like best:

•   A coatings and chemicals powerhouse
•   Always innovative, always ahead
•   A Company dedicated to its people
•  Where values co-exist with the bottom line

Actually, Akzo Nobel India is all of the above and far more. It manufactures and markets a wide range of coatings and specialty chemicals. Around 1,780 people work in the six production facilities, two state-of-the-art research laboratories and 75 warehouses across India; its retailers are an impressive  8500 …and growing. It attracts some of the best talent in the country, with the ANI workforce comprising people who are dedicated, highly motivated and determined to succeed.

“A key enabler of our growth strategy is the merger of three Indian subsidiaries of Akzo Nobel N.V. with Akzo Nobel India. The assets and operations of Akzo Nobel Coatings India, Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes India and Akzo Nobel Chemicals (India) are now part  of our Company. Hence Akzo Nobel India has the platform and the portfolio to leverage the power of ‘One AkzoNobel’ and realise its vision for the future,” says Amit Jain, Managing Director, Akzo Nobel India

So where does the Company see itself, in the future? The targets has been defined—projected revenues of 1 billion Euros.  And in this passage to accelerated growth, the Company sees itself upholding all relevant standards of corporate governance, ethics, sustainability and other pressing issues that dominate world space today.

The steps have been taken—a state-of-the-art green plant that will be operational in 2013; plans for expanded capacity and more products across business units combine to highlight the fact that ANI is committed to innovate, create, compete.