Peelable coatings for temporary applications

Intergard - person begins to remove the paint Intergard - person removing large piece of paint Intergard - person throwing away the paint

It started out as a potentially lucrative product for AkzoNobel’s Car Refinishes business – a temporary peelable coating dubbed “Maskin” that could be applied over the factory paint on a vehicle for special events. Unfortunately, during development some concerns arouse, launch of Maskin had to be delayed. Several incarnations later, the basic technology of the peelable paint is being exploited in ways that its inventors probably never imagined.

Military application

Much of the technology originating with Car Refinishes has turned into a rather different product for AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings (which has recently become a part of the Car Refinishes business) – a temporary, peelable coating for military vehicles. Intergard® 10220, a water-borne polyurethane coating, is not only peelable, but also, because of its unique absorbency properties, an ideal solution for coating and camouflaging military vehicles in combat situations where there is a risk of contamination from chemical, biological and radiological compounds.

Aerospace Coatings has optimized the technology for the specific military applications, improving water resistance and giving the film considerably more strength and elasticity, the two essential characteristics of a peelable coating.


Another important feature of Intergard® is that its “infrared signature” can be altered to enhance the “stealthiness” of a camouflaged vehicle. By choosing the right pigments it is possible to manipulate the reflection of light in the infrared spectrum in order to mimic the infrared signature of leaves, stones etc without changing the reflection in the visible spectrum.

What goes around…

Ironically, the technology that originated at Car Refinishes has received a new lease on life in an improved  product called Sikkens Protect®, a peelable temporary coating that protects newly manufactured vehicles during transport and storage. What goes around sometimes really does come around!

Beyond the military and temporary vehicle coating applications, peelable coatings have many other potential uses. For example, a peelable paint could serve as a foil (literally) for graffiti artists – instead of cleaning a “tagged” wall, the coating could just be peeled away and a new one applied.


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