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Quarterly Results Archive

AkzoNobel Q3 2010 report cover

Q4 and Full Year Results 2010

AkzoNobel announced Q4 and Full Year 2010 Results on February 17, 2011:

Akzo Nobel N.V. (AkzoNobel) today reported a revenue increase of 12 percent for the year 2010 to €14.6 billion. EBITDA increased 16 percent to €1,964 million, with EBITDA margins up at 13.4 percent. Total 2010 net income increased 165 percent to €754 million.

Q3 Results 2010

AkzoNobel announced Q3 Results on October 21, 2010:

Q2 Results 2010

AkzoNobel announced Q2 Results on July 23, 2010:

Q1 Results 2010

AkzoNobel announced Q1 Results on April 23, 2010:


Q4 and Full Year Results 2009

AkzoNobel announced Q4 and Full Year 2009 Results on February 18, 2010: 


 Q3 Results 2009

AkzoNobel announced Q3 2009 results on October 27, 2009


Q2 Results 2009

AkzoNobel announced Q2 2009 Results on July 29, 2009


Q1 Results 2009

AkzoNobel announced Q1 2009 Results on April 23, 2009:

Q4 and Full Year Results 2008

AkzoNobel announced Q4 and Full Year 2008 Results on February 24, 2009:

Q3 Results 2008

Resilient Performance Underlines Fundamental Strength


Q2 Results 2008

Resilient Performance Demonstrates Strong Fundamentals


Q1 Results 2008

Stable Performance in Testing Economic Environment