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ICI Listing Renewed on Dow Jones Sustainability Index

September 7, 2007

ICI is one of 10 leading chemical companies to be listed on the 2007 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI). This marks the fourth consecutive year that ICI has been listed on the DJSI in recognition of its performance across economic, environmental and social criteria.

ICI was recognised in particular for its environmental management systems and environmental performance measurement and reporting. ICI has achieved performance improvements through its series of five-year sustainability challenge programmes begun in 1990. For example, as a result of efficiency improvements and changes in the Group’s business portfolio, since 1990 ICI has:

  • reduced absolute energy consumption by 90 per cent (20 per cent due to efficiency improvements);

  • greenhouse gas emissions by 96 per cent (51 per cent due to efficiency); and

  • hazardous waste to land by 97 per cent (54 per cent due to efficiency).

Further improvements in performance across economic, environmental and social aspects are targeted through the Group’s current five-year programme, ICI Sustainability Challenge 2010.

ICI Group Vice President for Sustainability, Dr Frank Rose, said: “Across the Group we have worked hard to embed sustainable practices as our normal way of working - something which is increasingly important for any business. I would like to add that we are delighted that the DJSI review has recognised our employees’ achievements so far in this area.”

Launched in 1999, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices are the first global indices tracking the financial performance of the leading sustainability-driven companies worldwide. The DJSI listings will be updated to reflect its 2007 review at the opening of the equities markets on 24 September 2007.