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AkzoNobel's new UV clear coat heralds revolution in fast-track repairs

March 9, 2016

UV clear coat
Vehicle body shops can now cut their energy costs by up to 80 percent thanks to new ultraviolet clear coat technology developed by AkzoNobel.

The technology, which is available in both Sikkens and Lesonal brands, cuts drying time to just 12 minutes without baking – providing a significant increase in productivity in addition to the potential energy savings when compared with traditional baking processes.

"Our latest innovation in UV refinish technology paves the way for a fast-track approach to body shop repairs," said Niels den Heeten, Premium Product Manager at AkzoNobel's Vehicle Refinishes business. "Because Autoclear UV has no need for baking, it means that valuable booth space can be released for more major repairs."

Customer response has been very positive. "Autoclear UV is very fast drying and the finish is good-looking without baking," said Mark van der Lingen, General Director and co-owner of Dutch fleet management firm ACM Fleetforce. "Because of this we have achieved considerable savings on our energy consumption."
Added Simon Parker, Managing Director of AkzoNobel's Vehicle Refinishes business: "This breakthrough in UV technology demonstrates our commitment to delivering partnership benefits to our customers. As well as heralding a revolution in fast-track repairs, it also reflects our Planet Possible approach to sustainability, which is aimed at developing leading innovations that create more value from fewer resources."

Another advantage of the new technology is that it gives body shops the edge when it comes to repairing hybrid and electric vehicles. That's because UV "cold-cure" products remove the risk of exceeding the temperature range of the batteries. The technology is also suitable for the latest composite materials used on vehicles.