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Planet Possible

AkzoNobel has been ranked number one on the influential Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the fourth consecutive year. 

The latest listing, published September 10, 2015, places the company first out of more than 350 companies in the Materials industry group. As well as underlining AkzoNobel’s commitment to continuous improvement, the ranking also highlights how the DJSI can play a key role in driving innovation that benefits customers and the whole value chain. 

The company has now been placed in the top three for ten years in a row and aims to generate 20 percent of its revenue from sustainable solutions by 2020. The DJSI will play an important role in achieving this, as it gives added momentum to AkzoNobel’s Planet Possible sustainability strategy. 

Widely regarded as the most respected independent sustainability ranking system, the DJSI World Index benchmarks the sustainability performance of leading companies based on environmental, social and economic performance, including forward-looking indicators. 

It assesses various criteria, including supply chain management, operational eco-efficiency, product stewardship, human capital development and occupational health and safety.