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BluCure logo


BluCure™ is synonymous with state-of-the-art technologies related to Cobalt-free curing of composite resins. The Technology is available in our Nouryact accelerators or through license to all resin manufacturers and formulators. It offers opportunities for outstanding performance and sustainable end-user value, both now and in the future. The BluCure™ Seal is a guarantee to you and or your customers that products are 100% Cobalt-free.

Open access to BluCure™ Technology

BluCure™ technology is available through licensing for all resin manufacturers and formulators. The license provides the full freedom to customize the BluCure™ technology to the needs of the formulator. 

Alternatively the BluCure™ technology is available for end users, resin manufacturers and formulators in the form of our ready to use accelerators marketed under the name Nouryact. For the use of these products no separate license is required. 

The BluCure™ Seal

The BluCure™ Seal is available for technology licensees to use and is a clear and trustworthy indication that products are 100% Cobalt-free. It shows that you take your responsibility seriously – to meet the needs of your workers, your customers, and those of future generations.

The BluCure™ technologies and the trademark are fully owned by AkzoNobel.