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From modified methylaluminoxanes (MMAO's) to isobutylaluminoxanes (IBAO's), we supply the world's largest range of aluminoxanes for use in single-site catalyst technology.

Our MMAO's contain modifiers, which provide superior stability for long-term storage. Modifiers also often provide excellent solubility in aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Due to the difficulty in production and handling, aluminoxanes are only offered as a hydrocarbon solution. Concentrations depend on properties of the aluminoxane, but solutions typically contain 7 wt% on soluble aluminum basis, corresponding to an aluminoxane concentration of about 15-19%.

Product nameChemical name CAS No.
DIBAL-OBis(diisobutylaluminum) oxide998-00-5
MMAO-12Modified methylaluminoxane206451-54-9
MMAO-3AModified methylaluminoxane146905-79-5
MMAO-7Modified methylaluminoxane206451-54-9

As one of the world's top producers of metal alkyls, we also offer a broad range of aluminum, magnesium, zinc and boron alkyls.

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