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Custom Synthesis

We offer excellent capabilities in custom synthesis of (metal-)organic compounds, ligands, metallocenes and single site catalysts. Our expertise and facilities find growing use in the synthesis of specialty chemicals that are used in the polyolefin, elastomer, and pharmaceutical & fine chemical industries.

We provide proprietary technology, scale-up expertise, pilot facilities and commercial scale production. We have broad experience in optimizing process routes, and recycling process streams, thereby reducing or eliminating waste in manufacturing.

Our core competencies are in complex and hazardous chemistries, and the handling of highly reactive chemicals. We strive for the highest product purity and consistency.

We want to be your preferred supplier, producing custom specific products through arrangements protected by confidentiality agreements.

Moreover, we manufacture non-proprietary metallocenes such as titanocene dichloride (TDC), cyclopentadienyl titanium trichloride (CpTC) and zirconocene dichloride (ZDC).

What do you need? From gram-scale to multiple-metric-ton level, we're happy to meet with you and discuss your target molecule. Contact us for more information.