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Functional Methacrylates


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Our methacrylate monomers are specialty chemicals developed for very specific applications. Products are marketed under the well-known trademark of Nourycryl.

Nourycryl MC 110 

Nourycryl MC 110 can be used as a low shrinkage reactive diluent in adhesive formulations. It serves as a solvent, which is incorporated into the polymer structure, resulting in low VOC emissions. Its combination of low viscosity and high glass transition temperature given to the final product, is unsurpassed.

It can also be applied as UV resistant (non-yellowing) co-monomer in cast and optical resin systems, which will benefit from its excellent adhesion-promoting ability as well as its high glass transition temperature.

Nourycryl MA 123-50 

Nourycryl MA 123-50 is an excellent wet adhesion promoter used, for example, to improve adhesion of water-based coatings to dried alkyd-based paint layers. It enhances the scratch resistance of coatings in moist conditions. In addition, resins containing the Nourycryl MA 123 building block can act as dispersion aids which prevent coagulation of the pigment particles leading to a more even pigment dispersion.

Nourycryl MA 128 

Nourycryl MA 128 is a methacrylate monomer containing a unique oxazolidine functionality. In this oxazolidine group, the potentially reactive hydroxyl and amine groups are temporarily blocked with cyclohexanone, preventing them from reacting prior to the final application.

Nourycryl MA 128 containing resins can be applied in urethane systems such as one-pack acrylic/urethane high performance coatings. They provide a long pot-life and short curing times under ambient conditions, while allowing for very high solid contents in durable polyurethane coatings, e.g. used in the aerospace industry.

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