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Ketjenblack EC-330JMA

A dust-free, easy-to-process electroconductive carbon black

Ketjenblack EC-330JMA

We understand our customers' need for a dust-free, easy-to-process electroconductive carbon black. That's why we developed Ketjenblack® EC-330JMA. This unique product makes composites antistatic and electroconductive with the addition of very small quantities.


  • Especially developed for UP-resin and acrylic applications
  • High performance at low dosage levels
  • Disperses easily
  • Free flowing, dust free
  • Odorless

Compared with graphite or conventional electroconductive carbon blacks only very small quantities of Ketjenblack EC-330JMA (0.5-2%) are needed to provide excellent antistatic and semiconductive properties to your composites.

Its unique morphology and very high surface area of approximately 800 m2/g (BET) is a guarantee for success.


The loading needed to obtain a certain conductivity can vary significantly with type of polymer used. Also, a good dispersion of Ketjenblack EC-330JMA is essential in order to obtain the optimal antistatic and electroconductive properties.

To obtain good antistatic properties a volume resistivity of 1*109 Ohm/cm2 is enough. Nevertheless, many EX-zone or product specifications demand a much lower resistivity in the order of 1*10 Ohm/cm2. With small loads of Ketjenblack this is now easily achievable, even in filled systems.

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