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Aluminum Alkyls

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AkzoNobel is a major, global supplier of aluminum alkyls. Using technology licensed by Nobel laureate Karl Ziegler, we pioneered large-scale production of aluminum alkyls in 1959.

Aluminum alkyls in Ziegler-Natta catalysis

Today, we offer a broad range of aluminum alkyls to the market for polymerization of olefins and dienes by Ziegler-Natta catalysis. Aluminum alkyls are also used in a variety of related technologies that are extensions of Ziegler chemistry. These include oligomerization of ethylene, dimerization and cyclodimerization of olefins and dienes, and ring opening polymerization.

Product nameChemical name CAS No.
DEACDiethylaluminum chloride96-10-6
DEAIDiethylaluminum iodide2040-00-8
DEAL-EDiethylaluminum ethoxide1586-92-1
DIBACDiisobutylaluminum chloride1779-25-5
DIBAL-BOTDiisobutylaluminum butylated oxytoluene56252-56-3
DIBAL-HDiisobutylaluminum hydride1191-15-7
DMACDimethylaluminum chloride1184-58-3
EADCEthylaluminum dichloride563-43-9
EASCEthylaluminum sesquichloride12075-68-2
MONIBACIsobutylaluminum dichloride1888-87-5

Aluminum alkyls as effective alkylating agents

Aluminum alkyls also function as effective alkylating agents for production of organotin compounds and organophosphorus derivatives.

Our products are also important materials in pharmaceutical and fine chemical synthesis.

In addition to aluminum alkyls, AkzoNobel offers a wide range of other metal alkyls including magnesium alkyls, zinc alkyls, boron alkyls, and aluminoxanes.

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