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Boron Alkyls

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AkzoNobel is the world's first large-scale producer of boron alkyls (alkylboranes). In fact, we have been producing commercial quantities of triethylborane (TEB) since the mid 1960's. We now are a global leader in alkylboranes and dialkylborane alkoxides (or alkoxydialkylboranes).

Our products can be provided as neat, or as hydrocarbon or THF solutions, according to your needs. Other solvents may be used as well.

Product nameChemical nameCAS No.
DEB-MDiethylboron methoxide7397-46-8

Boron alkyls are used in a variety of applications; in olefin polymerization, as rocket fuel ignition source, but most importantly in pharmaceutical and fine chemical synthesis.

We also have available a wide range of aluminum alkyls, magnesium alkyls, zinc alkyls, and aluminoxanes.

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