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Magnesium Alkyls


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AkzoNobel is the global leader in the manufacture of magnesium alkyls for the polyolefin industry. Our most important product is n-butylethylmagnesium (MAGALA® BEM).

MAGALA magnesium-aluminum alkyls

The well-known trademark, MAGALA, commonly precedes the acronym for our magnesium alkyls. MAGALA originally was derived from the term 'magnesium-aluminum alkyls' because many of the early products were complexes of magnesium alkyls with aluminum alkyls. The term has been retained today, even though many of our dialkylmagnesium formulations contain little or no aluminum.

Diluted magnesium alkyls

Due to the difficulty of handling undiluted magnesium alkyls, they are offered only as hydrocarbon solutions. Solutions typically contain 2-5 wt% soluble magnesium, corresponding to an alkyl concentration of about 10-20%. The most common hydrocarbon solvent for magnesium alkyls is heptane.

Brand nameChemical name CAS No.
MAGALA BEMButylethylmagnesium62202-86-2
MAGALA BOMn-Butyl-n-octylmagnesium94279-45-5
MAGALA DNBMDi-n-butylmagnesium1191-47-5

Our products find use as deprotonation agent in pharmaceutical synthesis as well.

In addition to magnesium alkyls, AkzoNobel offers a wide range of other metal alkyls including aluminum alkyls, zinc alkyls, boron alkyls, and aluminoxanes.

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