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Polymer Additives

Additive specialities and high performance concentrates

Are you looking for high quality polymer additives to fulfill challenging requirements of the polymer industry? We supply antistatic additives, conductive blacks, flame retardant and other specialty additives used for production and processing of polymers, masterbatch production and other various compounds. These additives are known for boosting packaging properties and agricultural film properties. AkzoNobel is proud producer of well-known brand names such as Armostat, Ketjenblack and Armofog. We also supply the composite industry with our new line of coupling agents commercialized under the name of Kayabrid.
With the continuing growth of plastic products, the sources of raw materials are becoming more important in today’s environmentally concerned world. Therefore most of our products are guaranteed to be derived from a vegetable source and have food contact approval.
Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry - Markets & Products

Antistatic Additives

Armostat is the benchmark in antistatic additives. We offer these products as easy to dose high concentrate solutions.

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Antifog Additives

Our Armofog antifog additives improve antifog performance of food packaging and agricultural films.

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Superconductive Carbon Blacks

Ketjenblack offers the highest electrical conductivity at the lowest concentration in the industry.

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Our latest innovation: a highly grafted and high molecular weight PP-g-MAH.

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Processing Aid

Armowax W-440 ensures optimal dispersion of superconductive carbon blacks, glass fibers or calcium carbonate.

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Flame Retardant Additives

Armoquell and Perkadox match your flame retardant needs in polyolefins and polystyrene.

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High Performance Concentrates

We offer unique high performance concentrates of our additives as easy to dose, cost effective solutions.

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