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Polymerization Initiators

Laurox®, Perkadox®, Trigonox®

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Our organic peroxides initiate more polymerizations than anyone else's. Why? Because we are constantly working to address our customers' future needs. We believe that what is good for you today is not necessarily good enough for you tomorrow.

We are committed to the success of our customers. That's why we continually invest in high quality products, innovation, safety, active technical support and better distribution systems. What else do you need? We're happy to meet with you and discuss your requirements. 

Our range of organic peroxides is the world's largest. In addition we supply azo (N-N) and C-C initiators.

Application of polymerization initiators

The main area of application of our free radical initiators is the manufacture of high polymers such as:

Certain organic peroxides are used in polymer modification. We also offer a range of products for the curing of optical polymers.

Comprehensive range of polymerization initiators

We are able to supply a comprehensive range of free radical initiators to meet all requirements with respect to area of application, polymerization temperature, rate of radical formation and storage facilities.

Formulations with phlegmatizers or concentrations other than those indicated as well as unique custom blends of various peroxides can be made available with due observance of safety characteristics and the appropriate environmental and transportation regulations. Whatever your particular requirements, we can develop the product to match.

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