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Accelerators and Promoters

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We offer a wide range of metal and amine accelerators for the curing of unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins and (meth)acrylate resins. We also supply complex-based accelerators. These unique products offer additional benefits including a strong reduction in gel time drift.

Nouryact Cobalt-free accelerators

We have recently introduced a range of Cobalt-free accelerators. Our Nouryact Cobalt-free accelerators are based on Copper, Manganese and Iron and can be used as alternatives for conventional Cobalt-based accelerators. Nouryact accelerators combine high reactivity with process flexibility to secure the desired mechanical properties in the required product cycle time.

Our promoters increase reactivity (shorter gel time and faster cure) of cure systems for unsaturated polyester resins based on ketone peroxide/cobalt accelerator or peroxyester/cobalt accelerator combinations at both ambient and elevated temperature.  

Chemical nameCAS No.Brandname
Cobalt-free accelerators  
Copper complex142-71-2NOURYACT CF12N
Iron complexpropietaryNOURYACT CF30
Iron complexpropietaryNOURYACT CF40
Low cobalt accelerators  
Cobalt octoate136-52-7ACCELERATOR 383S
Cobalt octoate136-52-7ACCELERATOR 553S
Cobalt octoate136-52-7ACCELERATOR LCC9
Cobalt accelerators
Cobalt octoate 136-52-7 ACCELERATOR NL-49P
Cobalt octoate 136-52-7 ACCELERATOR NL-51P
Cobalt octoate 136-52-7 ACCELERATOR NL-53
Metal mix2457-01-4;
Amine accelerators 
Diethyl aniline91-66-7ACCELERATOR NL-64-100 
Dimethyl-p-toluidine99-97-8ACCELERATOR NL-65-100
2,4-Pentanedione123-45-6 PROMOTOR C
N,N-Diethylacetoacetamide 2235-46-3 PROMOTOR D 

We are also the world's number one producer of curing agents for thermoset resins.

In certain geographical regions our thermoset product line includes:

Please check regional availability of our accelerators and promoters or contact us for more information.