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Curing Agents

Butanox, Cadox, Cyclonox, Perkadox, Trigonox

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AkzoNobel offers the world's largest range of organic peroxide curing agents for thermoset resins, coatings and specialty monomers. We cover classes such as ketone peroxides, diacyl peroxides, peroxyesters, peroxyketals, hydroperoxides, peroxydicarbonates and peroxymonocarbonates.

We are home to the best known brands in the industry, including Cadox and Butanox, the highest quality ketone peroxides in the world. 

We also offer a wide range of auxiliary products, such as accelerators and promoters, to meet your specific production requirements.

In certain regions our thermoset product line includes inhibitors and release agents

From filament winding and gelcoats to centrifugal casting and pultrusion, we understand your future needs. Whatever your thermoset application, we are committed to bringing you the solutions to tomorrow's problems.

Innovative curing technology

We are always striving for the right solution. For example our Butanox P-50. This innovative, high reactivity methyl isopropyl ketone peroxide does not contain any polar compounds and has a guaranteed low percentage of water. It is the latest generation of our curing technology for marine applications.

Or our Vanishing Red organic peroxides. These unique materials provide all of the benefits of normal dyed peroxides, such as insurance of peroxide addition and verification of consistent mixing, without the lasting red color that normal dyed peroxides leave in the cured resins.

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