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Trigonox 301

More efficient. More sustainable.

Trigonox 301

Innovation continues unabated, but there’s now emphasis on eco-friendliness and developing new products which are more sustainable, without compromising on performance. This is partly due to legislation, but most of the demand is coming from our customers.

This is underlined by the development of Trigonox® 301, the most efficient organic peroxide for controlled rheology polypropylene (CR-PP) available in the market.

Trigonox 301 is a 7.5% active oxygen formulation in Isopar M. When compared to other organic peroxides used for CR-PP, Trigonox 301 is clearly one of the most cost-effective and safe of those approved for use in food contact applications.

Less volatiles

As well as creating fewer VOCs compared to products such as Trigonox 101, the volatiles do not contain tert-butyl alcohol butanol (TBA) or acetone. These by-products are undesirable from an odor and taste standpoint and often remain in the polymer.

Food contact approved 

Along with Isopar M, Trigonox 301 has obtained US FDA and German BfR approval for use in food contact applications of CR-PP.

Trigonox 301 is also used to create high melt strength polylactic acid (HMS-PLA). Contact us for more information.