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Your Safety, Our Priority

Safety: Our top priority

AkzoNobel is recognized as a global leader in organic peroxide and metal alkyl safety. Our proven success in safely handling hazardous materials is due to our long-term commitment to safety. We always place safety as our top priority. Our products have been handled safely on a commercial scale for many years despite the hazards associated with their reactivity. These hazards are manageable given knowledge of proper handling techniques, carefully designed facilities and thorough training of personnel.

Unique safety research laboratory 

Safe handling and storage of organic peroxides and metal alkyls is only possible if the specific properties for these products are known. For this reason, AkzoNobel has a unique research facility in Deventer, the Netherlands, where we perform extensive safety studies. By testing and knowing the properties we can develop safer products and innovative packaging.

Safety services

Over the years our safety experts have accumulated an immense amount of knowhow on the safe handling, storage and processing of organic peroxides and  metalorganics, which we share with our customers as an integral part of our services.

Next to this we provide support by giving:

  • In house courses and on site trainings
  • Custom advice on the design of safe storage
  • Design of dosing systems
  • Advice on safe handling and operations
As a final safeguard, should you in the unlikely case be confronted with an emergency situation we have a 24/7 whole year service to provide you with adequate advice in your own language. If you want to know more on how our unique safety services can support you, please contact us.